Video footage of Isan Salt Production

Video 1

Video footage of a couple (Amnuay & Wan Junkang) making salt using traditional methods that are still commonly used in the community. Video is shot in the rural towns of Ban Marum and Ban Non Wat, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Northeast Thailand. Run time: 6 min, 47 sec

Video 2

Video footage of a couple (Banjowb & Sa-han Maineowkang) making salt at a seasonal salt site known as Non Song Phi Nong in Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Northeast Thailand. This particular salt site is used by many families during the dry season (Jan-March). The Maineowkang family has been making salt at Non Song Phi Nong for over 20 years, and they have a temporary house at the site so they can stay there for up to two weeks at a time in order to make enough salt to trade, sell and store until the next year. Run time: 4 min, 18 sec

Video 3

Experimental Salt Making 2013, Ban Non Wat, NE Thailand

Video 4

Traditional, open-air firing of earthenware pots - Valencia, Bohol

Video 5

Bohol Salt Making Video (Asin tibouk) - Alburquerque, Bohol

Brine Boiling Stove

Description: Boiling brine in metal tray over fire

Location: Ban Don Phangat in NE Thailand

Earthenware sherd

Description: Pottery from excavation, Artifact 048 (incised)

Location: Bohol Museum, Philippines